President’s Message

Welcome to The Priddy Foundation®.  Through the magic of the internet, these pages tell the story of this foundation from its founding in 1963 to the present day when we are engaged in awarding grants and developing community impact programs.  Over that time, the foundation has granted slightly more than $200 million to numerous worthwhile endeavors and its staff has been actively engaged in programs to assist nonprofit organizations successfully improve their service to their constituencies. 

We are very proud of the work of the organizations that have been supported by The Priddy Foundation® grants and we feel privileged to work with them in fulfilling their missions. 

We hope you will learn more about this foundation through our web site, but we also know that you will have specific questions that are based on your organization’s needs.  We invite you to contact us; we are more than happy to provide additional information about our foundation and grant program.

Thank you for your time and efforts devoted to the nonprofit organization with which you are associated.  You are the individuals who help keep our communities strong and make them great places to call home.

With warmest regards,

Shelley Sweatt

President and CEO

The Priddy Foundation®…Here for Life