Grantee App Instructions

Welcome to The Priddy Foundation®’s online grant application. Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in your work. Before beginning the online application, please take a moment to review the following information.


Applications must be submitted electronically and include all supporting documentation.  The signature page must be signed by the Executive Director and the Board President, then scanned and uploaded to the application as a file, along with other supporting documents.  The checklist will now be completed online and once saved, it becomes the first page (cover page) of your application.  Paper copies of applications and supporting documents will not be accepted.

If you have a document that cannot be attached electronically, please contact The Priddy Foundation® office for instructions.  Make sure to print a hard copy of your application before you submit the application electronically so that you will have a copy for your files.  It is suggested that you provide a copy of the completed application to your board chair as well. 


For the Spring Grant Cycle:    Letter of Intent Due February 1st; Formal Application Due March 1st
For the Fall Grant Cycle:        Letter of Intent Due August 1st; Formal Application Due September 1st

Please note:  If the deadline is on a weekend or holiday, the application will be due by 5:00 p.m. on the previous business day.


Interactive Application – Your responses will be completed electronically via either the “Dashboard” tab or the “Application” tab.  The “Dashboard” tab will allow you to respond to questions in random order by simply clicking on the question that you wish to address.  The “Application” tab will take you through the application sequentially.  A space will be provided underneath the question statement, which will allow you to insert your responses.  Under this space, a message will indicate the number of characters remaining for your responses.  

Work Sessions – It is not necessary to respond to all questions in one work session. You may leave the application at any time. At your next session, you will be able to continue adding responses and/or change responses from a previous session.

Copying and Pasting from Word – We suggest that you compose your responses in a Word document, utilizing spell check, then copy and paste into the response fields.

Character Limitation – Each response is allotted a specific amount of space. A counter at the bottom right-hand corner of each response field will tell you how many characters you have remaining as you fill in the form, as applicable. If your response is longer than the space allowed, you will need to edit accordingly.  You may wish to click on “Current Application” to check to see if your response fits in the allotted space.  Your response is limited to the space available in the response box.

Saving Your Work – Your responses are saved when you click to another question.


Top Menu

  • Dashboard – contains a list of questions that have not been answered.  It also contains buttons for Instructions, Cues, a Blank Application, and your Current Application.  At the top of the page, it indicates the number of documents that have been uploaded.  Please note that when the response field is populated with data, it will cause the question to be removed from the list; it is the applicant’s responsibility to review the final responses for completeness and accuracy.
  • Checklist – provides interactive page that allows for checkmarks to be entered for each required component of the application to ensure that all required documents have been included (uploaded) with the application.  It also will include blackout dates for your organization, which are the dates that the Executive Director and board president will NOT be available for a site visit.  Once saved, it becomes the first page (cover page) of the application.
  • Application– presents each question, along with the response area.  You may navigate from one question to the next via the link in the lower left corner of the page. 
  • Documents – allows you to upload documents required for submission.
  • Log Out – logs you out of the current session, but saves your responses.

Right-hand Sidebar Menu

  • Instructions – contains instructions for completing the application.
  • Cues – contains explanations for what information the questions are seeking.  These are very helpful as you frame your responses.
  • Blank Application – contains the entire application without responses to assist you as a guide and reference as you work.
  • Current Application – gives you the ability to view the entire application including your responses. You may also print pages from this area. The checklist and flowchart are also included at the front of the application.  The checklist contains a list of all documents required for submission. This form must be completed in its entirety, from the “Checklist” tab.  It will autofill the checklist and will print out when you print your application. The Checklist must accompany your submitted application; it will serve as the cover sheet.  The flowchart will lead you through a process to determine the type of financial information you must include and submit with your application.
  • Submit Application – portal that will submit your application.  Please be sure that application is complete, including all required documents and signatures BEFORE submitting.  This also includes any additional supporting documents that you wish to accompany your electronic application. Remember that the signature page must be scanned (with original signatures) and uploaded as a separate document, along with the application.  To maintain integrity and readability of your documents, we recommend that you save all of your documents in PDF format to upload.


Once submitted, applications are no longer accessible for changes. What you submit is what will be considered.

When you have finished your application, uploaded the required documents and any discretionary documents, and are ready to submit the completed form to the foundation, click “Submit Application” on the right-hand sidebar. If your application has been successfully submitted, your “App Status” will change to “Submitted” on the right-hand sidebar.  You may return to the completed application at any time to print a copy. You may also return to view and print your uploaded documents.


Although you may complete the online application without a pdf viewer installed on your computer, you will need a current version to read some of the documents in the top menu bar and to review your submitted application. Adobe Reader is free and can be downloaded by clicking the following link and following the instructions on the Adobe website:


Call with questions or concerns. We are here to help: (940) 723-8720.