Who is eligible to receive a grant?

The Priddy Foundation® makes grants to 501(c)3 organizations, as described by the Internal Revenue Code. Additionally, the foundation may make grants to school districts, universities, hospitals and, on a limited basis, municipalities.

What is The Priddy Foundation?

The Priddy Foundation® is a general purpose private, independent foundation, interested primarily in making grants for programs that have the potential for favorable impact on individuals and organizations within our service area.

What is the possibility the geographic area will be expanded to include my organization’s county?

The geographic boundaries are well established and changes are not expected to be made at this time.

What is a site visit?

A site visit is a personal visit to a potential grantee’s location, made by members of the board of trustees and foundation staff. The purpose of a site visit is to discuss the potential project or program with members of the organization.

Should we contact the foundation before submitting the LOI if we have never applied to you before or if our project is fairly large or complicated?

Yes!  It is beneficial to both your organization and our foundation if you will reach out to us before you begin the LOI, as we can help you determine whether your organization qualifies to apply.  Additionally, with large and/or complicated projects, it is always wise to check with us so that we can visit with you before you begin the LOI.

Should you need to visit about a proposed project, please contact either Pat (patm@priddyfdn.org) or Shelley (shelleys@priddyfdn.org)in our office.  You may also reach us at 940.723.8720.

Our organization needs immediate funding. Can our request be considered outside the typical funding cycle?

Grant requests are considered by the foundation in the spring and fall. On very rare occasions, an emergency grant may be funded. Please contact the foundation for more information.

Is our organization’s Tax ID number the same as the sales tax number?

No. The Tax ID number is usually a nine digit number, frequently beginning with 75-.

If we serve clients within the foundation’s geographic footprint, can our organization apply for a grant even though our offices are located outside the 24 county service area?

Organizations applying to The Priddy Foundation® must have offices located within the designated service area. The offices must maintain consistent office hours and be a functioning office.  If you have questions, please call the foundation office for more information.

How much money should my organization request?

The size of grants from The Priddy Foundation® varies greatly depending on the project. Please refer to the home page of this web site and click on GRANTS and then FUNDING GUIDELINES for more information. To see a listing of previous foundation grants, click on GRANT HISTORY.

Does the foundation make grants to individuals?

No, please refer to question “Who is eligible to receive a grant?”